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A Trans Bio Energy Product
MaxR300 - Installation Instructions
MaxR300 Installation Notes
  • For best results, MaxR300 should be added to tank before fueling up
  • Estimate amount of fuel to be put in tank to determine quantity of MaxR300 to add
  • Precautions should be taken not to overdose MaxR300 as this may cause engine damage

    MaxR300 Mixing Ratios For Available Packaging Sizes
    Imperial Metric
    MaxR300 Diesel Fuel MaxR300 Diesel Fuel
    32 fl/oz 250 gallons 946 ml 945 litres
    1 gallon 1,000 gallons 3.78 litres 3,780 litres
    5 gallons 5,000 gallons 18.9 litres 18,900 litres
    30 gallons 30,000 gallons 113.4 litres 113,400 litres
    55 gallons 55,000 gallons 207.9 litres 207,900 litres

    MaxR300 Performance Notes
  • When MaxR300 is added to an engine for the first time, it will start removing contamination within the fuel system. Part of this contamination will get into the oil system and the rest will get exhausted.
  • Allow at least one week for MaxR300 to take full effect. It will not provide complete benefits until it has cleaned out the fuel system.
  • After running your motor for 3-4 tank fulls after applying MaxR300, it is advisable to replace the filter as it may get clogged up during engine cleaning.

    MaxR300 Instructions for Long Time Diesel Fuel or Equipment Storage
    MaxR300 substantially diminishes fuel degradation, especially for long term storage. If diesel fuel needs to be stored for a long period of time without use, either in a storage tank or a piece of equipment, MaxR300 should be applied at a ratio of 1 gallon to 500 gallons of diesel fuel. When the fuel or equipment is ready for re-use, burn the fuel at its current ratio, before reverting back to 1 gallon of MaxR300 per 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel.
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