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A Trans Bio Energy Product
MaxR300™ Diesel Fuel Enhancer
Advanced Equipment Protection
A TransBio Energy Company, LLC Product
ColdAir MaxR100 MaxR200 MaxR300
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MaxR300 is used in any diesel engine and helps improve fuel consumption and extend fuel life in storage tanks.
MaxR300™ is a highly advanced fuel additive for diesel engines. It offers very green consequences for the operator. Improvements over previous formulations have resulted in substantial reductions in fuel consumption. Energy savings are just one of the many benefits.

MaxR300 provides substantial improvement to the bottom line. With the high cost of fuel these days, spending a few dollars per tank of diesel fuel makes a lot of sense. Add the ongoing and varied benefits of ColdAir™ and MaxR200™ to the mix and life on the road becomes much easier to swallow.

With a fast ROI and reduced maintenance and operating costs, the use of MaxR300 makes a lot of sense.
MaxR300™ Benefits:
Reduces fuel consumption Reduces engine acid formation Reduces emissions
Protects fuel from deterioration Lowers fuel gel point More complete combustion
Keeps injectors clean Provides higher Cetane rating Eliminates ring sticking
Top cylinder lubrication Cleans up dirty engine Reduces maintenance costs
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